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          How to repair the internal leakage of spiral plate heat exchanger

          1. Digging holes: After determining the position of the internal leakage point, start cutting holes from the outer layer of the heat exchanger corresponding to the leakage point. The sequence is from the outside to the inside, until the layer with the internal leakage point is cut. . The cut hole should be oval, and the size of the outer layer is larger, and gradually smaller inward. Generally, the size of the holes on each layer is different by 40mm. If the location of the leakage point is deeper, the hole cut in the outer layer should be larger .
          2. Removal of slag: After the hole is cut, the oxidized slag remaining on each layer of the board should be carefully cleaned. This is whether the repaired board and each layer of spiral plate can be closely welded when the board is welded The key is to clean the oxide slag with the chisel and the small hand grinding wheel used to trim the mold. Take care to remove the cleaned slag as far as possible and prevent it from falling into the heat exchanger.
          3. Equipped with replenishing board: In order to ensure the quality of repair, the sheets cut from each layer of the heat exchanger are no longer used, and the replenishing board is reconfigured. The additional replenishing board should be used with the heat exchanger spiral plate. For the same material and plate thickness, its periphery should be 15mm 20mm larger than the holes cut on each layer of the heat exchanger, and it should also be elliptical, and be made into an arc that is consistent with the arc of each spiral plate of the heat exchanger.
          4. Welding internal leakage points and repairing boards.
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