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          What are the factors that cause corrosion of tube condenser

          Impurities, salts, gases, and microorganisms in industrial cooling water will cause corrosion of tube sheets and welds. This is what we often call electrochemical corrosion. Tubular condensers are often in contact with industrial water. No matter what kind of water it is, there will be various ions and dissolved oxygen. The changes in the concentration of chloride ions and oxygen play an important role in the corrosive shape of the tubular condenser.
          1. Ambient temperature: Corrosion is a chemical reaction. Generally speaking, when the temperature rises by 10°C, the corrosion rate increases by about 1 to 3 times;
          2. Harmful impurities: chloride ions, sulfide ions, cyanide ions, ammonia ions, etc. These impurities can cause severe corrosion in some cases;
          3. Medium composition and concentration: the influence of concentration varies, such as hydrochloric acid, the greater the concentration, the more serious the corrosion. Carbon steel and stainless steel corrode severely in sulfuric acid with a concentration of about 50%, but when the concentration increases to 60% upwards, the corrosion decreases quickly.
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